Orca Media Group

Case Studies


Secondary Financial Marketplace - Patented system providing liquidity for private company assets. Research and development collaboration between Orca Media Group and financial research institutions in US, UK.


ORCAresources is a Business Intelligence software development specialist focused on the Microsoft BI stack. The company specializes in leveraging Excel, PowerPivot and Sharepoint to provide business users inside organization with extremely powerful Excel functionality processing millions of rows of data in seconds. Excel reports can be displayed as fully interactive web applications with one click.

Social Network - Business Services

This a social networking platform, called Connectors, currently in controlled Beta release in the US. This is a patent-pending business services network, a unique system pro processing social networking data. We designed the business model and prepared the patents material. We appointed and managed a distributed outsourced development team, designed and implemented the sales process and engagement methodology.

OrcaPower AIIA (Artificial Intelligence Information Analysis)

OrcaPower is an Advanced R&D business specializing in providing intelligent solutions enabling organizatios to dramatically improve their performances contributing directly to the bottom line. The company specialized in advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies providing intelligent solutions to business applications, by improving efficiency, reducing personnel intervention and considerably reducing associated costs, leading to incremental gains in competitive advantage, adding value through knowledge.